Monday, July 12, 2010

Under 3 Hundy!

You've all been waiting for this so, here it is... a very special little show indeed!
Reap N Sow and the Project studio's first group exhibition.
We've managed to swindle together some of the best photographers, artists and designers for one group show that is gonna blow your socks off! Held over 2 spaces, this show is one not to be missed if your a first time art buyer who wants to start their collection off with a bang or someone who wants to add some quality art to their established collection. We're extremely lucky to have all these wonderfully talented artists involved and willing to sell their work for under 300 bucks – these types of group shows are so rare when you consider the talent and the prices some of these artists work attract. Its gonna be a great night, so we hope to see you all here in beautiful Burleigh. If you get lost and you can't find our spaces we're both upstairs, north of the corner carvery (opposite the Burleigh Heads Hotel).

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